ENG 334 Blog Post #10

ENG 334 Blog Post #10

Review peer feedback and write revision plan for essay and Post as Blog #10.

The biggest issue that I’ve noticed with my rough draft is its lack of organization. I have to keep in mind that the paper I am presenting is only a portion of my final essay, so I need to prioritize some of the points of my argument and put less emphasis on other ideas so that I can have a clear presentation that either covers the basics of all the sections of my paper or focuses in on one section on a deeper level. It’s all about breadth vs. depth. With that in mind, I need to figure out which method I want to employ. I have a whole lot of different ideas that don’t necessarily cohere to each other at the moment. The question “what is human?” is extremely broad in itself, so I need to focus on one particular aspect of that question. My peer review partner strongly suggested that I hone in on cultural/societal notions of what it means to be a human and what a human should be. This could work especially well since one group member is already talking about the more scientific and philosophical aspects of what a human is, so the panel could flow nicely into social aspects of being human, followed by a presentation on human rights by the third member of our panel.

That being said, I need to make sure I have enough evidence to support this path. Since most of Frankenstein’s creature’s dilemma is his inability to fit into society, I should have no trouble there. When it comes to Harry Potter, however, I may need to keep searching in order to find sufficient means to address the posthuman capabilities of wizards and how (or if) their magical powers separate them from the human species as we know it. So far, my sources talk more about the “humanoid” creatures in the series, such as house elves and centaurs, and while it may be worthwhile to include these creatures in my larger paper, I feel as though they would broaden the scope of my presentation too much.

I also need to beef up the analysis and make sure I’m not simply paraphrasing the quotes I am using from my secondary sources. I have to move from simply identifying what I’ll be talking about to actually forwarding and countering and creating my own argument. I want to become a solid expert on my subject so that I’m prepared for whatever questions from the audience come my way. Not that I’m nervous or anything, though.

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  1. I know you were really nervous to present in class and at the symposium, but I think you did a great job, and I couldn’t tell. I as well have found writing a paper for a presentation challenging, as it’s a skill we aren’t asked to practice often. We’re constantly told depth vs. breadth, so the way many of us approached our presentation (breadth vs. depth) was counterintuitive. I like how you chose to work with Frankenstein and Harry Potter for this project. They bring very different perspectives to the question you’re asking. I know you’re relating the texts to the question “What is human?,” but I wonder, just out of curiosity, if there are any concrete connections between the two texts themselves. Additionally, I also have many secondary sources and need to ensure I forward or counter my argument with enough of my own thinking.

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